Delaware State AED Law

➜ 14 Del. Admin Code 851 2014 Requires Delaware students to learn CPR to be granted a high school diploma from a Delaware high school beginning with the Class of 2017.
➜ 16 Del. Admin. Code 4303 2013 Defines: Automated External Defibrillator, CPR, FDA, First Responder Team, Office or OEMS, SAED, Service Coordinator, State Coordinator, State Medical Director, and The Board.
This regulation applies to any organization or individuals participating in the Delaware Early Defibrillation Program.
➜ 16 Del. C. 3004C 2000 All quality management proceedings shall be confidential. Records of the State EMS Medical Director, and EMS quality care review committee relating to AED reviews and audits shall be confidential and privileged, are protected, and are not subject to discovery, subpoena or admission into evidence in any judicial or administrative proceeding. Raw data used in any AED review or audit shall not be available for public inspection; nor is such raw data a “public record” as set forth in the Delaware Freedom of Information Act.
➜ 16 Del. C. 3003C 2000 Outlines instructions to ensure that there is a comprehensive plan for training, certification, and credentialing of cardiac care providers in the use of AEDs.
➜ 16 Del C. 3002C 2000 Defines: Automated External Defibrillator and Records.
➜ 16 Del. C. 3001C 2000 Outlines the intent of the General Assembly to encourage greater acquisition, deployment and use of AED in communities within the State.