Florida State AED Law

➜ FL stat 1003.453 2018 CPR instruction, if voluntarily provided to students beginning in grade 6 (encouraged but not mandated), must be based on a “nationally recognized program” using evidence-based guidelines.
➜ FL Stat 768.1326 2013 Outlines AED requirements for buildings owned or leased by the state.
➜ FL Stat 258.0165 2012 Outlines AED requirements for state parks
➜ FL Stat 4229.255 2012 Outlines AED requirements for assisted living facilities.
➜ FL Stat 1006.165 2011 Outlines AED requirements for public schools.
➜ FL Stat 401.2915 2011 It is the intent of the Legislature that an AED may be used by any person for the purpose of saving the life of another person in cardiac arrest. In order to achieve that goal, the Legislature intends to encourage training in lifesaving first aid and set standards for and encourage the use of AEDs.
➜ FL Admin. Code 64J-1.023 2008 installation of Automated External Defibrillators Amendment Act – AEDs shall be installed in each building accommodating more than 1,000 occupants, and in each building that is owned or occupied by the District or any agency of the District accommodating
➜ FL Admin. Code 64B5-17-015 2004 As part of the minimum standard of care, every dental office location shall be required to have an AED by February 28, 2006. Any dentist practicing after February 28, 2006, without an AED on site shall be considered to be practicing below the minimum standard of care.
➜ FL Stat 64B5-17.015 2004  Outlines AED requirements for dental offices