Maine State AED Law

➜ ME Code of Reg 05-071 2016 All public schools, including charter schools are required to offer training to students on how to perform CPR and use AEDs.
➜ LD 1139 (HP 845) 2011 An act suggesting that high school students receive CPR and AED instruction prior to graduation.
➜ LD 1073 (HP 808) 2011 An act suggesting that health clubs be required to carry AEDs.
➜ LD 1785 2007 An Act to require automated external defibrillators in schools serving grades kindergarten to 12 and at school sponsored athletic events.
➜ 20-A ME Rev Stat 6304 2007 Outlines AED requirements for schools.
➜ LD 177 2004 Requires that a school administrative unit or private school ensure that all school personnel are certified in CPR.
➜ Chapter 421 2001 Establishes requirements for an AED program.
➜ LD 1432 2001 An act to encourage greater acquisition, deployment, and use of automated external defibrillators.