Check Tags, Decals, Wall Signs, Wall Posters
AED Check Tags
Keep track of your AED inspections and information with our high-quality, weather-resistant AED Check Tags!
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AED Decals
Have an AED on the premises or in your vehicle? Decals will let everyone know you are cardiac emergency equipped!
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AED Wall Signs
Vinyl, metal, plastic, magnetic, all-weather. Flat, projection, 2-way, and flexible styles. Whatever you need, you can find it here!
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Wall Posters
Prepare potential users and the general public with posters on how to use an AED and how to perform CPR!
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High-visibility AED signs and decals clearly mark the location of your AED. EZ Cardiohelp offers wall signs in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors for your needs. We also offer AED check tags to keep track of maintenance, CPR posters to help educate potential rescuers, and wearable CPR/AED certified pins to show you’re trained.

Vinyl, metal, plastic, magnetic, all-weather, find your AED sign today!