Louisiana State AED Law

➜ LA Rev Stat 40: 1137.2 2015 Defines Automated External Defibrillator.
➜ LA Rev Stat 40:1137.1 2015 Explains the importance of AEDs according to the American Heart Association.
➜ HB 542 2014 Requires instruction relative to CPR and automated external defibrillators to be integrated into the curriculum of an existing required course of study in public high schools.
➜ LA Rev Stat 40:1137.3 2012 Outlines instructions to ensure the public health and safety for a person that acquires an AED.
➜ LA Rev Stat 9:2793 2010 Grants Good Samaritan protection for UNTRAINED users.
➜ HR 1 2009 A resolution requesting that the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals look into the possibility of requiring placement of AEDs in schools.
➜ SR 164 2008 Resolution asking the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to study the practicality of acquiring and requiring that AEDs be placed in every public high school.
➜ LA Rev Stat 40:1236.13 2005 Outlines AED requirements for: Fitness Facilities, Intercollegiate Athletic, Institutions, and High Schools.