North Dakota State AED Law

➜ ND CC 15.1-07-31 2013 The superintendent of public instruction shall purchase AED and distribute the defibrillators to school districts in this state for placement in schools or at the site of school-related activities.
➜ SB 2338 2013 An ACT to reimburse school districts and nonpublic schools for expenses incurred in providing CPR and AED training to students.
➜ HB 1108 2007 An Act that stipulates who is immune from civil liability after using an AED. It applies to licensed physicians, AED trainers, and the person who is responsible for the site on which the AED is located.
➜ SB 2312 2007 Provides for the purchase and distribution of automated external defibrillators to schools.
➜ HB 1226 2005 Removes the requirement to notify the state department of health of an automated external defibrillator.
➜ HB 1242 1999 Provides automated external defibrillator site requirements and civil liability immunity for use of an AED.