Utah State AED Law

➜ UT Code 26-8a-601 2017 Grants Good Samaritan protection for UNTRAINED users.
➜ UT Code 26-8a-102 2015 Defines: Automated External Defibrillator, Bureau, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Emergency Medical Dispatch Center, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
➜ SB 192 2014 Allows the director of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services to distribute funds to elementary schools for AEDs.
➜ UT Code 26-8b-402 2013 Any AED used solely for demonstration or training purposes, which is not operational for emergency use is, except for the provisions of this section, exempt from the provisions of this chapter. The owner of an AED shall clearly mark on the exterior of the AED that the AED is for demonstration or training use only.
➜ UT Code 26-8b-303 2013 Outlines the responsibilities of an emergency medical dispatch center.
➜ UT Code 26-8b301 2013 Outlines the training requirements for expected users.
➜ UT Code 26-8b-501 2013 A person is guilty of a class C misdemeanor if the person removes, tampers with, or otherwise disturbs an AED, AED cabinet or enclosure, or AED sign.
➜ HB 31 2009 Utah Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Act – provides immunity protection and establishes requirements for AED placement.
➜ UT Code 26-8b-201 2009 Grants Good Samaritan protection for UNTRAINED users in CPR and AED use.
➜ UT Code 26-8b-302 2009 A person in the business of selling or leasing an AED shall, at the time the person provides, sells, or leases an AED to another person, notify the other person, in writing, of the reporting requirements described in Section 26-8b-301.
➜ UT Code 26-8b-401 2009 Outlines the responsibilities of the bureau and someone who owns or leases an AED.
➜ SB 95 2003 Establishes a statewide database for the collection and distribution of information regarding the location of commercially owned fully automated external defibrillators.
➜ SB 86 2000 Expands the training programs recognized by the state for fully automated external defibrillators; and extends immunity to health care providers who provide instructions on the use of fully automated external defibrillators.
➜ HB 50 1999 Expands Good Samaritan Act.
➜ HB 98 1998 Allows trained responders without a license to administer CPR and use an AED.